Ever since I was very young, I’d had stomach problems. I would get sick quite often after eating meals and would often have severe cramps. The crazy thing is that I never really did much about it, at least not until about four years ago.

After meeting a consultant and having several tests, it turned out that I had a high intolerance to certain foods, particularly eggs, dairy and almonds (my favourite foods). Cutting them out of my diet was difficult but even harder was finding restaurants that adhere to intolerances. If I got offered one more sorbet for dessert, or vegan alternatives, I was going to lose it.

I do eat meat and fish (my parents are Portuguese, of course I do), so this blog is to prove that there’s millions of awesome dish ideas that don’t include egg, dairy and almonds.

The fitness aspect of this blog? I eat A LOT and also find working out as a great stress release – it’s all about balance.

NB:// I’m too lazy to follow recipes to a tee. I like to freestyle. I guess you could equate my cooking style to that of a gastro mullet – the recipes might start off business-like but end up as a culinary wild party.

While I try to abide by the usual kitchen metrics, most of my measurements will be by handfuls.

When I write a punch of salt, I’m not messing around. I haven’t spelt it wrong. My sister once called me an idiot for calling it a punch, but that’s exactly what I mean – a massive handful of coarse sea salt (it’s always coarse sea salt) not a measly pinch. Don’t waste my time.

My adhoc style hasn’t had any complaints from friends and family, but of course you’re the one eating the food so I won’t be insulted if you decide to take a more relaxed approach when following my recipes (even if you want to make it a pinch…).

Someone once said: “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” So, enjoy and experiment.

Happy cooking.


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